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<p>Gloria Koss Photography collaborates with and provides Commercial / Theatrical Headshots & Prints to Professional Actors, Dancers & Models at Studio locations in the Hollywood Media District, Las Vegas and Burbank.</p>

<p>Gloria Koss' love of photography began with steady work in the Hollywood Media District & Downtown Burbank.</p>

<p>She has been given vast opportunities throughout Hollywood & Burbank's photography community, contributing her guidance, assistance, inspiration to its educational programs, and to its emerging & existing local photographers. These types of experiences /opportunities have enabled her to connect & learn with such passionate, talented people who to this day are still motivators, clients & supporters encouraging her personal growth as a professional photographer.</p>

<p>Gloria is now engaging her truest passion by re-introducing child photography & family portraits to her repertoire. "Children & families bring a special something that automatically lights up their photos and give you an immediate sense of satisfaction."</p>

<p>With her access to real sets, a timely & efficient work ethic, overall professionalism and ability to deliver exceptional products with consistent client satisfaction, Gloria Koss has earned her great reputation & her portfolios truly speak for themselves.</p>


I am a Burbank based photographer that specializes in Headshots and Portraits. My love of photography began as a child and continued as I became a mother of two beautiful girls. They inspired me to capture their beauty and personalities throughout the years through the lens. Photography feeds my soul.

The most important aspect to achieve in any photo shoot is to capture the essence of the client in the most flattering photograph possible while conveying their personality. I believe spontaneity in an environment that is fun and relaxing helps me to achieve this element of my success.

A headshot must look like you. I make sure that you will have a finished product that will work to represent you in the best way possible. My goal is to satisfy a potential agent or casting director by giving you a photo that you are proud to offer. Your headshot is your calling card. A strong headshot will help you to get your foot in the door and it's your most important tool you have as a professional actor.

In the years of working in this industry, I have had the privilege of working with professional actors, dancers and models.

With a timely and efficient work ethic, professionalism, and ability to deliver exceptional products with consistent client satisfaction, I have been able to create great images that truly speak for themselves.

I deliver exceptional products in a timely manner that provides my clients with great satisfaction. Additionally, I photograph children, families, and special events such as quinceaneras and weddings.

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